Five Fitness Goals

Happy Friday everyone!! It’s time for Friday Five! Friday Five is hosted by three lovely ladies: You Signed Up for What?!, Mar on the Run, and Eat Pray Run DC. Be sure to check out their Friday Fives and all the other bloggers linking up. This week, we’re chatting Five Fitness Goals. My five, in […]


It’s Thursday! Which means: it’s almost FRIDAY! YAHOO!  To celebrate this almost holiday weekend, I come bearing lots of good news. First, WINNERS! The winner of the Spartan Race Giveaway is: And the winners (yes plural!) of the Quest Bar Giveaway are:   Congrats, to all! I sent each of you an email. Winners have […]

Fit Focus: Upper Body, Arms

Popping in with a killer upper body workout. It’s Fit Focus: Upper Body Edition!  Warning: Do not try to do your hair after doing this workout. You’re arms will be too jello-like. I’ll be announcing a bunch of giveaway winners tomorrow AND a new giveaway (saaawwweeet!), so don’t forget to stop by for all that fun […]

Quest Bar GIVEAWAY + A Winner!

Did you see that right? Another giveaway?! Yupsiree! I’m so ecstatic over the support you all have given this blog, that I’m going a bit giveaway crazy! First things first, as one giveaway begins, another must end. The winner of the Macmillan Audiobook Giveaway is: Congrats, Sue! I sent you an email with details :). […]

Mango Madness Smoothie {vegan}

I can not begin to describe how happy I am that Spring weather seems to have finally arrived. That means all those delicious spring and summer fruits can start to get all tasty and ready for devouring. Come on April showers, make me some juicy fruits!  I came prepared for this disastrous winter, though. Before the […]

Spartan Race GIVEAWAY

Last weekend was super exciting for Fitful Focus! Why? Because THIS happened:   Woohoo!!! 500 likes for the Fitful Focus Facebook page!  Thank you all so much or the support! To celebrate, how does a GIVEAWAY sound?  That’s right, there’s already a giveaway going on (have you entered that one yet? It ends tonight!), but […]

Five Race Day Essentials

It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate!  (Source) I’m linking up again for Friday Five with Eat, Pray, Run DC, You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar on the Run. This week’s theme is: Free Friday – aka talk about whatever you want! I’m freeeee. (^Great movie, be-tee-dubs.) J/K. I love having the themes! Since I have a […]